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Hager werken embalming powder +27839281381 made in Germany, available in Johannesburg South Africa. Embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals) to forestall decomposition. The intention is to keep them suitable for public display at a funeral, for religious reasons, or for medical and scientific purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.[1] The three goals of embalming are senitization, presentation and preservation (or restoration). Embalming has a very long and cross-cultural history, with many cultures giving the embalming processes a greater religious meaning. Specific uses are: sanitization, presentation and preservation (or restoration). Types of embalming powder types of embalming powder is dependent on the purity and color. Purity: 98%, 100% Hot Compound Origin: Germany Brand: Hager Werken PURITY ON COLOR. Pink: 98% White: 100% Hager werken products are sold through the Dental trade worldwide Please contact your pharmacist or dentist. Dealers if you are not currently a Hager werken Customer please contact our Customer Service Distributor direct in south Africa: +27839281381   contact: +27839281381 Email: ivanssente@gmail.com We transport them worldwide by DHL or by post office speed delivery  

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Ready mix dry plaster Manufacture in Nasik - Airso
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Description :kmcn308Airson Readymix plaster is strong pre-mixed dryer with high quality polymer additives, suitable for plastering alltypes of concrete surfaces clay bricks, fly ash bricks and aac blocks. It is normally appied to smooth and even surface. Powerfix readymix plaster contains processed and fine graded sand which gives better quality of plaster. Ready Mix Plaster is proportionate quality of 53 grade ordinary Portland cement (OPC) Processed sand with additives. Appropriate quantity of water addition makes mixer ready to use sand plaster for Internal ? External wall plastering. Surat, Gujarat, India contact airsonchemical2017@gmail.com www.airsonchemical.com Mo. 9726807434  

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2 RARE FOSSILS FOR SALE – UNIQUE OFFER – 002772 988 1088 (Whatsapp no) This is a unique offer of 2 rare fossils that can be used with new technology; DNA can be used to regenerate new creatures! The Dodo bird for example has not even one fossil available! Paleontological description: Menosaurus is an extinct genus of reptile from the early Permian of Africa and South America which lived 275 million years ago. These two fossils are of the family Mesosauridae. Menosaurus are known to be the very first marine reptiles, which had adapted to a fully aquatic lifestyle. Menosaurus had a long neck and tail, with webbed feet and a small scull with long jaws. Menosaurus were able to reach neutral buoyancy, with gliding abilities under water. While many features suggest a whole aquatic lifestyle, Mesosaurus may have been able to move onto land for short period of times. These fossil plates are considered very rare specimens, therefore is priceless! Stone 1 measurements: Length: 29.5cms Width: 16cms Fossil: 27 cms Stone 2 measurements: Length: 25cms Width: 11.5cms Fossil: 21cms Price: 1 million Euro each 2 Million Euro for both One certificate of authenticity for both fossils, Mesosaurus fossil plates. Courier cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. Only serious buyers, no chancers, no scammers!

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Brand new wheelchair for sale
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We are selling a brand new wheelchair for R 4850, In EXCELLENT condition as it is brand new and has never been used. Price negotiable or nearest cash offer! Please email me, and I will contact you!

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Brand new Medical Bath Chair for sale
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We are selling a brand new Bath Chair for R 950, In EXCELLENT condition as it is brand new and has never been used. Price negotiable or nearest cash offer! Please email me, and I will contact you!

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Hager werken embalming compound  +27839281381  Pink Powder made in  General items from Germany Embalming compound in powder form Hager  werken embalming compound  +27839281381  Pink Powder both PINK and WHITE  Radio active and not (HOT and not HOT) its all available) its all  available. We are looking for serious buyers. we are sell in kilograms  starting from 1kg upwards . <span style="color: #

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Coffins and Caskets
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All prices herein reflect the full cost of products. Included are all fittings, hardware, handles and lining. Prices can change without prior notification. 50% Deposit payable on order and balance payable on delivery. Allow 72 hours for delivery after payment received. CROSS BORDER CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: Self-collection for cross border clients. Cross border to client pay in full and payment to be cleared and verified before collection. Allow 72 hours before collection after payment cleared.

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V3-748L V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter 740mm
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V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter 740mm Working Area, plus VinylCut Software and Online Training Video (Vinyl Cutter) Product SKU: V3-748L , Vinyl Cutter, 0822222359 Vinyl Cutter Price: R 8 679.00 Sales Price exclude VAT and Shipping Cost, valid at 2018-6-7 kao8kp3c 0822222359 [See Seller Info in Sidebar] ://am[See Seller Info in Sidebar].za/plotter/contour< /strong> # 16M Memory for Cutting Job Storage, Data Remain After Power Lose Real USB Port, Plug and Play, No Driver Required on Windows System Desktop Version Vinyl Cutter with 740mm Working Area and 635mm Cutting Area 50-500mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed Able to Direct Cut .PLT File from Flush Drive, No Computer Connection Required Mechanical Resolution 0.005mm and Repeatable Precision 0.005mm Touch Screen with Precision Step by Step Movement Control VinylCut Software from AM[See Seller Info in Sidebar].ZA with Vectoring(Trace, Bitmap to Vector), Stencil Bridge, Shape Library, 3D Effects and many other cool features, and support Multi-Colour, Multi-Layer Vinyl Cutting and Contour Cutting. VinylCut Software Supports All Windows Versions and Mac OS X Main Chassis Made by Aluminium Alloy, Two Years Warranty Cutting Thickness on Normal Vinyl is 0.05mm Up to 2mm, with Two Level Pressure Pinch Rollers Include VinylCut Software Online Training Video Course of 4+ Hours Video for All Software Features. Online Training Account Valid Forever and won't Expire, More Lessons Added Time by Time too Support Standard HPGL and DMPL Language, can Work as AutoCAD

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V-803 V-Series High-Speed USB Vinyl Cutter, 800mm
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V-Series High-Speed USB Vinyl Cutter with 800mm Working Area with FlexiSIGN Software (Vinyl Cutter) Code: V-803 , Vinyl Cutter, 0722279977 Vinyl Cutter Sales Price: R 6 489.00 Price exclude VAT and Deliver, valid at 2018-6-6 kao8kp3c 0722279977 [See Seller Info in Sidebar] ://Vinyl-Cutter[See Seller Info in Sidebar].za/V-803 # Smooth Adjustable from 20mm to 800mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed Use Household 220V Electricity, Compatible with UPS and Generator 32-bit ARM CPU with 512K Internal Cache Cutting Thickness on Normal Vinyl is 0.1mm Up to 1mm Support Manual Contour Cutting, Better Accuracy and Convenient can be Archived by Laser Eye Pointer Holder Minimal Can Cut 5mm Height English Letter Smooth Adjustable from 20g to 500gram Cutting Pressure Stepper Motor Driving System with 0.0254mm Per Step RS232 COM Port Provided for Backward Compatibility with Old Windows, Macintosh and Linux Able to Direct Cut .PLT File from SD Card, No Computer Connection Required Real High-Speed USB 2.0 by STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Utilize Roland Compatible Blades, 3 Free Blades Included FlexiSIGN is a Professional Sign Cutting Software and able to Control the Vinyl Cutter for Normal Cutting and Contour Cutting High Friction Steel Grit Roller for Vinyl Feeding to Achieve High Moving Accuracy on Heavy Vinyl 800mm Working Area with 710mm Cutting Area Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm and Repeatable Precision 0.0127mm</l

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F-1867/AQUA FastCOLOUR 1860mm EPSON® DX7 Printhead
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FastCOLOUR 1860mm EPSON DX7 Printhead Large-Format Water Based Dye or Pigment Ink Inkjet Printer with Full Accessories, SAi PhotoPRINT Software and Inks (Large Format Printer) Code: F-1867/AQUA , Large Format Printer, 0822222359 Large Format Printer Price: R 102 449.00 Sales Price exclude VAT and Shipping, valid at 2018-6-7 kao8kp3c 0822222359 [See Seller Info in Sidebar] ://LargeFormatPrinter[See Seller Info in Sidebar].za/ F-1867/AQUA # Heavy Duty, Curling Prevention and Width Adjustable Rolled Media Feeding Device Connect to Computer by 100M Network Cable for Fast and Stable Printing Process Four Colour C.M.Y.K. Eco-Solvent Ink, Eight Ink Feeding Tanks with 220ml Capacity Each Printing Speed on 2,3 Pass Draft Mode is 30 m 2 /h Printing Speed on 4 Pass Production Mode is 15 m 2 /h Printing Speed on 6 Pass Quality Mode is 10 m 2 /h Printing Speed on 8 Pass High-Resolution Mode is 7.5 m 2 /h Printing Media Sensor for Run-Out of Media Warning and Pause of Printing Negative Pressure Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), also Call Bulk Ink System Servo Motor on Printing Axia for Fast and Precision Movement and Result Higher Printing Quality Utilize One EPSON DX7 Piezoelectric Printhead for Superb Printing Quality Pre-Heat, Print-Heat, Post-Heat 3 Stage Heating System with Separate Temperature Control With Height-Adjustable Printhead, Thickest Media Can be Printed is 5mm Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions Included, Anti I