BL120ML Multiple Protocol to Modbus Conversion, $ 44.00

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    Feb 28, 2024
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$ 44.00
BL120ML Multiple Protocol to Modbus Conversion
Product Description
BL120ML allows for seamless interoperability between devices using IEC104, DL/T645, BACnet/IP, and BACnet MS/TP protocols by converting them to Modbus. This enables integration and communication between diverse systems that would otherwise be incompatible.
In complex industrial environments, there are typically multiple devices and systems from different vendors, each using its own preferred protocol. By utilizing BL120ML, these disparate systems can be seamlessly integrated into a unified control and monitoring system. This simplifies the overall system architecture and improves operational efficiency.
BL120ML provides flexibility and scalability by allowing new devices or systems with different protocols to be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. This future-proofs the system, ensuring that it can adapt and expand as technologies evolve and new devices are introduced. 

Product features
  1. Supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IEC104, DL/T645, BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP.
  2. Supports connection to up to 50 devices and collection of 4,000 data points.
  3. Supports 6 RS232/RS485 optional inputs.
  4. It adopts embedded ARM MCU and is a product developed based on Linux OS system.
  5. 2 Ethernet ports (WAN port and LAN port).
  6. Support 4G, WiFi, GPS.
  7. Support OpenVPN, SNMPV1/V2.
  8. It supports routing functions and cascade switch data collection to facilitate the collection of more industrial equipment data. The software has complete functions and covers most common application scenarios.
  9. It integrates the humanized configuration interface that BLIIoT adheres to, as well as remote configuration, remote firmware upgrade and other functions. Users only need to make simple settings.
  10. It adopts a fastening structure and has a power supply design with anti-reverse connection protection.
Feb 28, 2024
Qiaotou Community Fuyong street, Baoan
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