More Than 20 Fuel Saving Tips on Petrol and Diesel

Jun 21, 2022

Here are more that 20 fuel saving tips from our World Solutions users:

More Than 20 Fuel Saving Tips on Petrol and Diesel

Tips on how to safe on Petrol and Diesel:

1. Fill your tank in the morning.
2. Even working one day a week from home is a way of saving petrol.
3. Rather stay closer to work, may it be that you move or ask for a transfer.
4. Your car is not a taxi to ferry friends. It’s fine to ask friends to contribute.
5. Change to highest gear rather than driving in lowest gear.
6. Service your car regularly.
7. Don’t over rev your car and do away with aggressive driving.
8. Look for more ways not to travel alone. Carpooling will help a lot, even only one day a week.
9. Drive the minimum required on the road.
10. Don’t be hard on brakes.
11. Try not to use aircon. But if you have to open your windows on a highway then rather use your aircon. 
12. Don’t be hard on your accelerator.
13. Check your tyre pressure if it’s correct.
14. Let the kids take the school bus rather than you driving up and down. 
15. Shop around for diesel prices.
16. Travel at a regular speed (ie don’t repeatedly accelerate and then slow down); use cruise control if you have one. 
17. Synchronising with traffic lights would be a big help. Get to know the timing of traffic lights.
18. Let your kids stay at student accommodation rather than them driving up and down to university. 
19. Accelerate downhill and maintain speed on inclines; roll to a stop sign.
20. If you like you V6 or V8 vehicle then buying a 1100 light vehicle can be a good adon.
21. Go for lift clubs to travel to work. Four is an ideal number: one member uses his or her car for a week, and the other for another week like that among the four of you.
22. Plan you road trip ahead of time and avoid peak time and rush hours. 
23. Remove unnecessary stuff from your trunk. 
24. Multi-task with your daily routine. 

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