Transgender Voice "Feminization" Develop, 0

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Transgender Voice "Feminization" Develop
Mar 09, 2022
Additional Information
Nothing gives you away faster than a voice that doesn't match your appearance. It's not about "how to talk or the way you speak like a woman", but rather "the way to sound female". Your voice is a muscle that can be controlled: In a female's voice the voice boxes vocal flaps are thinner and tighter, hence, the voice resonates at a higher pitch naturally. In the male voice box the vocal flaps are longer and thicker and resonate at a deeper pitch in the male voice range. With the course I have devised I can teach you how to lift the voice box at your control up to that higher position temporarily, so that, the vocal flaps thin out and tighten temporarily to resonate at a higher pitch naturally when you speak. This will then be your female voice range. What is covered in the course: PITCH: Raise the position of the laryngeal cartilage by changing your male base note to female. POSTURE: Men have larger lungs and can speak longer without taking a breath. Women have less breath capacity and tend to take more breathes when speaking. BODY LANGUAGE: Body Language is they way you move while you talk. In fact, it has an actual impact of how the voice itself will sound. By using the proper Body English while you speak, you can improve the femininity of your voice - even on the phone! RESONANCE: Is the amplification of your sound, now softer, but placed forward and out. PHRASING/MODULATION: Men tend to speak in a flat-footed, monotone way, not varying their tone much and saying as much as they can in one breath. Women modulate, or vary their tone, more. DYNAMIC RANGE: describes the difference between the highest highs and the lowest lows that a person uses while speaking. Men use a very narrow dynamic range, women use a much WIDER dynamic range, HENCE their voices have a "sing/song" effect. Men use a different technique for emphasis: they get louder or softer within a narrow range of tones. So, in conversation, a man will "punch" some words and hold back oth
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